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Scaterd Few's Iconic Sin Disease on Limited GoldMax CD

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Scaterd Few's Sin Disease - Ltd GoldMax CD + Collectors Card

Remastered by J Powell at Steinhaus
Scaterd Few’s Sin Disease may be one of the greatest Christian albums that nobody seems to know about. Released in 1990, its reckless blend of punk, goth, speed metal, and reggae is still as exhilarating as ever, and Allan Aguirre’s voice and lyrics have lost none of their potency. I challenge you to listen to “Lights Out” and hear Aguirre scream “Please stop William/The wrong assassination” — lyrics that were inspired after he saw a young friend gunned down in a drive-by — and not get chills.

Scaterd Few’s blistering debut may be one of the greatest Christian albums that nobody seems to know about. Sin Disease is a vital, powerful record, and nothing before or since has ever quite matched it, particularly in Christendom.

The album was pretty controversial upon its release; it’s not an easily marketable album to begin with, and Scaterd Few’s aggressive music and defiant lyrics — topics covered included drug addiction, gang violence, and religious hypocrisy — just wasn’t the sort of material that most Christian bookstores were willing to carry. I only heard it because my friend Kevin had a copy on cassette, and we’d listen to it while driving around Omaha and sing lyrics like “I’d rather die than blame it on my God” and “Take heed to my reproof, don’t reject me ’cause I’m young/We’re here for Yahweh’s glory and to magnify His Son” at the top of our lungs.
- Opus Zine