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Spy Glass Blüe

Genre: Edgy New Wave | Post Punk | Brit Pop

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There are certain bands or artists that if nothing else cannot be accused of following the pack or the latest trend. In the case of Spy Glass Blüe, this is a good thing. When it seems that every other act around is doing either rap core or being the newest boy or girl band, this is a light in the darkness. Although it has elements of both Punk and Goth, this project stands on its own aside from any genre attachments that some might try to put on it.

...a nostalgic blend of aggressive rock sounds, glam influences, and minimal electronics. With a vocal style bringing forth faint remembrances of David Bowie, Spy Glass Blüe draws from this diverse palette of sounds to produce a kaleidoscopic array of sounds ranging from heavily synthetic gloom to more traditional alt-rock.

Scaterd Blüe Boxset
Scaterd Few / Spy Glass Blüe Vinyl Bundle

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